19 Ways to Make Money with Builderall

Hey Hey!! These ideas will get your juices flowing! 😉 Enjoy!

This post is made from a video if you prefer to watch with better detail then click here to watch the video!

Here are the 19 ways to make money with Builderall:

  1. By promoting Builderall itself.
  2. By getting affiliates to promote it for you as you get paid for every sale they make (30% recurring for each sale) see the compensation plan here.
  3. Capturing people’s email then follow up automatically.
  4. Having a website to attract like-minded people and branding yourself.
  5. Having your own blog on WordPress inside Builderall and rank in google with SEO.
  6. Optimizing by split testing your pages to better conversion.
  7. Tracking and assigning points to the user to track where they stop on the funnel then optimizing the parts of the funnels needed to better conversion to start breaking even.
  8. Selling your own products with sales funnels.
  9. Showing social proof on the site to increase conversions.
  10. Building funnels for companies.
  11. Providing web and marketing solutions to businesses.
  12. Creating a membership area that users have to pay monthly to have access to it.
  13. Selling your own digital products and have other affiliates sell it for you.
  14. Selling your own products.
  15. Creating mobile applications for android and iOS for small and big businesses.
  16. Selling your services or products through a webinar.
  17. Creating your own course on the e-learning platform and sell it.
  18. Chatbots to increase sales and automate.
  19. Having an online store.

These are just a few ideas that came out the top of my head. I’m sure there are more…

Cheers 🙂

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