7 Profitable Business Ideas to Start at Home With Little Money

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Idea #1 – Digital Products

Affiliate marketing is the easiest way to go about it because you’re promoting other peoples/company’s products and services and you make a commission. For example, I promote Builderall and I have made over 20k from this product as this company pays me 100% commission on the first sale and the 30% recurring income and also 30% for every sale my down line makes.

Mostly anything you can think of there is an affiliate program for it and the good thing about it is that you don’t need to do customer support as the companies of the product do that for you.

Also, creating your own product and selling it online and have other affiliates sell it for you!

Idea #2 – Freelancer

Online there are websites like Fiver and Upwork and you can do what you know how to do and get paid for that, there are entrepreneurs and companies looking for the skill you have. Make sure when you start you get some friends to do reviews for you so that you get seen…

Idea #3 – Agency

You provide services to business on things like social media managing, SEO, web traffic, product launches, website creation/management and more…

Idea #4 – Amazon FBA

Creating your own product or buying one and branding it and have Amazon sell it for you from their warehouses. Learn more here.

Now on Offline Ideas

Idea #5 – Home Repairs

Everyone needs repairs in their home. Starting a repair business does not mean you have to do the repairs yourself, you can be the middle man and have an army of people working for you!

Idea #6 – House Cleaning

Again you don’t have to do it yourself… is a very profitable business as a lot of people are looking for this service.

Idea #7 – Pet Sitting and Dog Walking

There are more dogs and cats in this world than humans! If you like animals this is a great business to start as people need this service…

This content if from a video and there I go more on detail so if you want to watch it click the image beneath.

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